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OWNZONES launches app for Romanian expats

OWNZONES Media Network is launching a new app that will allow nearly four million Romanians living outside their homeland to livestream more than 22 local TV channels.

The new app also provides access to 11 local radio stations, over 130 Romanian-made films, and pages of some of Romania’s most popular newspapers and magazines.

“We have spent over a year building the most extensive and robust app platform for the Romanian diaspora,” said OWNZONES CEO of Europe, Constantin D Lucescu.

“With the launch of OWNZONES Romanian Portfolio, we are now fine tuning the model for a culturally thematic content aggregation platform that encompasses entertainment, news, movies, music, publications, art and more. And like all OWNZONES channels, the focus is true mobility on a global scale, providing subscribers access when, where and how they want to experience this unique collection of media.”

Ownzones Romanian Portfolio has a promotional price of $14.99, which can be renewed monthly before it is rolled out to other platforms, including Android TV, Apple TV and desktop. It includes live streaming, VoD and mobile, also comes with Chromecast and Air Play for viewing on larger TV screens.