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NOWO selects Broadpeak for CDN

Portuguese telecom NOWO has selected Broadpeak’s solutions for OTT multi-screen delivery.

Through Broadpeak’s BkS350 origin packager, BkS400 video cache servers, and BkM100 CDN manager, NOWO can deliver a variety of advanced TV services, including live, VoD, and catch-up TV, which, according the company, “ensures a superior quality of experience for subscribers on every screen”.

Ana Maria Teixeira, NOWO CTO, said: “TV viewers want options, and thanks to Broadpeak we’re able to satisfy the demand for high-quality anywhere, anytime, any device viewing experience.”

“We chose Broadpeak’s CDN solutions for their unparalleled flexibility and ease of use. Providing us with a future-proof solution, Broadpeak ensures that we can quickly evolve to support sophisticated applications like Cloud PVR in a very near future.”

Broadpeak’s BkS350 origin packagers are designed to improve multi-screen video delivery over managed or open internet networks through on-the-fly packaging, on-the-fly encryption, and unique cache management capabilities.

Jacques Le Mancq, Broadpeak CEO, added: “NOWO is providing a world-class television experience to viewers that includes an entertaining mix of live, on-demand, and catch-up TV content on every screen.”

“Working with Broadpeak, an expert in CDN solutions that have been deployed by more than 50 network operators, NOWO has dramatically boosted quality of experience and operational efficiencies, gaining a competitive edge in the highly competitive Portuguese market.”