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New app Fanominal lets users chat on Smart TV

Viewers will no longer have to second screen to chat about their favourite TV shows

A new app that allows users to take part in group chats while watching their favourite TV shows has launched.

Fanominal allows viewers to chat with others in real-time while watching TV. It is available on smart TVs which means viewers can see what’s being said without having to second screen.

The app works by synchronising the user’s smartphone with their internet-enabled television to allow for simultaneous viewing and chatting. The live chat messages then appear on the screen.

Fanominal has been modelled on the same technology that allows gamers to chat and play in real-time with others all around the world.

Users can create their own group chats for each television programme. They are then able to read and respond to their friends’ messages in real-time while watching the show.

“Right now, if you want to enjoy your favourite TV shows with your friends and family, you have to organise a viewing party or chat with them on messaging apps during commercial breaks,” said Bobby Oyawusi, founder and CEO, Fanominal. “That’s what makes the Fanominal app such a game-changer. It makes watching and discussing your favourite shows easier than ever.”

The Fanominal app is available through Google Play and the Apple App Store. TVBEurope has contacted Fanominal to ask about a European launch.