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Magine finds the Limelight to deliver content across Europe

Global streaming platform employs Limelight's CDN to deliver live and on-demand content

Global streaming platform Magine has chosen Limelight Networks to provide its new content delivery network.

The Swedish company says it chose Limelight because of its “its scalability, reputation, competitive pricing and top performance in their internal testing.”

“The CDN is a vital part of our distribution chain and we expect a high quality of service,” said Klas Ahlin, head of service operations at Magine. “Limelight has a solid track record, and we have been happy with the consistent performance across regions.”

“OTT viewers expect a high-quality experience every time they access video on demand and live streamed content,” said Nigel Burmeister, Vice President, Global Marketing at Limelight Networks. 

“By using Limelight as part of their multi-CDN strategy, Magine can send traffic to the highest performing CDN to ensure the best possible viewing experiences, and we’re pleased to see Magine’s testing shows Limelight as a consistent top performer.”