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London’s first VR cinema to launch for Halloween

Space will launch as a pop-up, with a permanent venue due in 2018

The UK’s first VR cinema will launch in London this week.

The venue will open as a pop-up on Neal Street on Wednesday 25th October.

Veero, the company behind the cinema, said it hopes to open a permanent space in 2018.

Veero is working in partnership with Zurich-based WeAreCinema, which is looking after the technology required for the venue.

Each cinema-goer will be given their own headset and a pair of 3D headphones. 

WeAreCinema CEO Dimitri Nabatov told TVBEurope the company will be using synchronisation software to allow the viewers to experience the film at the same time.

“We are currently using Samsung Gear VR,” explained Nabatov. “We will have 25 VR seats in London with a synchronisation software that lets every guest go through the same emotions at the same time (laugh, scream, clap), making this group experience a mutual one, in VR. The immersive experience is enhanced by sound absorbing over-ear headphones.

“The mobility from external power sources and independence from external computers are the main reasons why we use Gear VR,” he continued. “Since we run VR shows with up to 250 simultaneous viewers, those factors are of great importance. 

“The synchronisation software ensures that every device holds the same content, and that the show starts at the same time on all devices using a signal sent over our internal network.

“The synchronisation software consists of different blocks that we developed with partners in Switzerland and neighbouring countries.”

The pop-up cinema runs until Sunday 29th October and features a 40-minute compilation of horror shorts.

More details can be found at Veevo’s website