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Kaltura introduces new Mobile Video Player SDK

"Faster, learner" version released

Kaltura has introduced a “faster, leaner” version of the Kaltura Mobile Video Player SDK for iOS and Android phones/tablets.

The software provides the framework and tools for embedding the Kaltura Video Player into iOS/Android applications. It delivers an “incredibly fast load time” of under one second, as well as optimised APIs for shorter integration cycles, designed to allow developers to quickly and easily build custom applications using the player framework.

“As video service providers look to add more complexity and intelligence to their mobile offerings to enhance the viewing experience, the requirement for an advanced mobile video player that can handle all the background heavy lifting and still offer a near-real time load time is rapidly becoming a must-have,” said Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura co-founder, chairman and CEO.

“Our new Mobile Video Player SDK for iOS and Android makes this possible – Kaltura customers can add multiple audio tracks, a mix of payment options, captions and much more to their mobile players without compromising player load times.”

The player also supports casting to Google Cast and Apple AirPlay as well as downloading videos for secure offline viewing.