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Is Comcast about to announce a smart-home hub?

Company is set to announce 'something' on Thursday

Sky’s owner Comcast is set to make “a major announcement” on Thursday, with speculation swirling it could be anything from a streaming service to a smart-home hub.

According to CNet, Comcast has declined to clarify the nature of the announcement. However, it will be lead by Matt Strauss, who heads up the company’s residential offerings, including its high-tech¬†X1¬†cable video offering, internet, voice-command technology and home security and automation.

Last year, Comcast was testing a programme that enabled the company’s broadband customers to turn their TVs into a smart-home hub – a command centre for the home where the internet could control things like connected light bulbs or security cameras with voice commands.

There is also speculation Comcast could be about to follow Google into the video gaming streaming market.