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Is Apple testing an AR headset?

Developer found code snippets written into iOS 13

Apple may have begun testing its own augmented reality headset after an indie game developer found code snippets written in to iOS 13.

Steve Troughton-Smith tweeted that he had discovered mentions of the device in the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. He discovered the code already includes StarBoard, which is thought to be a developer framework for AR apps that are designed to run on a headset.

Troughton-Smith also discovered a mention of a new gamepad meant to work with AR apps for headsets. “The controller profile has a clicky trackpad, a trigger button, and a system (home?) button,” he tweeted.

He also found a text file that tells Apple employees how to test AR apps if they don’t have access to the headset.

It’s thought if Apple does launch an AR headset, it will work in a similar to its Carplay technology, “beaming” apps from a mobile phone to the device. Developers will be able to optimise their iOS apps for the device, and switch back and forth between a head-mounted and a handheld mode to run both on the headset and a mobile phone.