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House of clouds

Netflix has completed a seven-year migration to the Amazon Web Services cloud

Netflix has completed a seven-year migration to the Amazon Web Services cloud.

The switch was completed after Netflix closed its final remaining data centre.

The process, which began in 2008, means that Netflix now stores tens of petabytes in the Amazon cloud, as well as operating tens of thousands of servers.

It is designed to offer improved availability and reliability, and is also reported to be a major cost cutter for the streaming service.

Yury Izrailevsky, vice president of cloud and platforming engineering at Netflix, said, “We have eight times as many streaming members than we did in 2007, and they are much more engaged, with overall viewing growing by three orders of magnitude in eight years.

“Supporting such rapid growth would have been extremely difficult out of our own data centres. We simply could not have racked the servers fast enough.

“Elasticity of the cloud allows us to add thousands of virtual servers and petabytes of storage within minutes, making such an expansion possible.

It took time and effort to transform Netflix into a cloud-native company, but it put us in a much better position to continue to grow and become a global TV network.”

Netflix, which is now available in over 190 countries, reportedly chose Amazon because it provided the greatest scale, as well as the broadest set of services and features.