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Gracenote debuts analytics solution for mobile streaming services

Aims to help companies have better understanding of quality of experience for viewers

Gracenote has announced the launch of Mobile Video Analytics Solution for MVPDs, mobile operators, streaming services and hardware. 

The product aims to offer a better understanding of how the performance of mobile apps is affecting the way users behave, their attitudes about the experience and how consumer engagement with an app compares to competitors.

The in-depth examination of user interaction and engagement with mobile apps includes key performance metrics, such as the name of the wireless/internet service provider and type of streaming content.

The Mobile Video Analytics Solution provides insights into the performance quality of mobile video services, which is the greatest contributor to a viewer’s experience and satisfaction.

It also collects analytics on engagement, which include how, when and where viewers watch, how long they watch and other factors like stickiness of content, payload, network access and speed.

With the Mobile Video Analytics Solution, the attitudes of mobile users also can be measured on pricing and why viewers choose to subscribe or drop subscriptions as well as their intention to switch to another service.

Insight on these metrics can be measured against the performance of competitors with their subscribers, allowing streaming services to make course corrections to remain competitive.

When engagement is low, the new solution offers support for passive video tests and survey responses to examine behavior and find out the reason for disengagement and churn.

With the new analytics solution, wireless service providers also have the ability to detect areas of network congestion, which can guide them on where to add capacity.