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First live 4K feed of F1 event by Tata Communications

Tata Communications has become the first company to deliver a live 4K feed from a Formula 1 event.

Tata Communications has become the first company to deliver a live 4K feed from a Formula 1 event. During a practice session at the 2014 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix, live footage was delivered end-to-end over Tata Communications’ Global Video Connect Network, to Formula One Management’s Technical HQ in Biggin Hill, UK.

The live delivery was designed to highlight the next generation 4K broadcast capabilities afforded by fibre-optic cable, as well as to illustrate how the future of 4K sports broadcasting could look.

Typically, Tata Communications provides 120mbps for JPEG 2000. During the Biggin Hill showcase, the company provided 500mbps for a single feed, a capability that was only made possible thanks to its global Video Connect network, delivering video and converged IP services for sports events.

John Morrison, Formula One Management’s CTO, said, “Formula 1 racing is the pinnacle of cutting edge technology, and provides the ultimate showcase for innovation. 4K is an exciting new technology which could have great potential when it comes to sports broadcasting. We are focussed on given F1 fans the best possible experience, which is why we are pleased to be supporting Tata Communications in bringing 4K closer to reality.”

The live demo also highlighted the global capability of Tata Communications’ dedicated Video Connect Network which affords 4x redundant connectivity between source and destination, while ensuring zero packet drop. The network also offers ready connectivity to media hotspots around the world.

In February 2012, Tata Communications signed a deal with Formula One Management to deliver connectivity to all Formula 1 race locations over its global network, the largest in the world. Tata Communications also provides hosting and content delivery services to

Eddie Baker, chief technical consultant, Formula1 group talks about how Tata Communications has enabled Formula 1 to deliver the experience to tens of millions of fans across the globe through the company’s Connectivity and Content Delivery Network solutions: