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FIFA to provide teams with in-match video during World Cup

Will allow teams to track positional data for each player and the ball

FIFA has announced it will equip every team at next month’s World Cup with a special app that tracks positional data for every player on the pitch.

The platform, called the Electronic Performance and Tracking Systems, or EPTS, will be available on two devices: one for the team analyst observing the match from the media area, another for the coaching team at the bench.

EPTS will use a pair of optical tracking cameras to log positional data for every player and the ball. That data and video will be available for every team during the match, at half-time and at full-time.

The analyst sitting in the stand will have access to the application which enables telestrator drawings to be overlaid on the video feed. Still images with diagrams can be sent over the network for in-match adjustments.