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Euro Media Group acquires On Rewind

Start-up will spearhead the group's OTT offering

Euro Media Group and its subsidiary NetcoSports has acquired On Rewind to lead its OTT plans.

Netco Sports, which specialises in the development of technical and digital solutions for the sport and media industries, has launched a streamlined production and distribution solution for OTT, offering on-site video recording, the production and remote enhancement of content and its broadcasting on the On Rewind platform.

The video solution developed by On Rewind offers hosting, coding and management of video content. The platform also supports live broadcast and sharing on social networks, as well as the hosting of content by third party suppliers such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. 

All of the platform’s videos are integrated into the enhanced video player and allow users to view highlights via automatically indexed markers.

Netco Sports says the new OTT solution is aimed primarily at organisations holding rights that are currently under-exploited, allowing them to produce their own content in a “simplified and cost-effective manner” and to retain total control, from capture to monetisation.

Jean-Sébastien Cruz, CEO of Netco Sports, said: “The solutions developed by On Rewind are well ahead from a technological point of view and are particularly innovative. This acquisition, following on from that of EBD in Italy, falls within the framework of the construction of a unique digital offer for our clients. This strong digital strategy within Euro Media Group now enables us to be a key player in digital production in Europe.

Rémi Chasles and Romain Violleau, co-founders of On Rewind, added: “This has allowed us to offer a complete range of streamlined OTT production services that satisfies client requirements to perfection. We will combine the expertise of our two companies with a view to offering unique and innovative solutions within the sports sector.”