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EU films make up one quarter of VoD catalogues

New report from European Audiovisual Observatory

European-made films make up a quarter of films available in EU catalogues according to new research.

The European Audiovisual Observatory, part of the Council of Europe, looked at the composition of 68 transactional VoD services available in the European Union including Apple’s iTunes, Microsoft’s Movies,, Chili TV, SF Anytime and 14 additional national TVoD services.

This recent study differs from the 2015 edition: the current sample of 68 catalogues has a lower amount of national services and focuses more on pan-European and multi-country TVoD catalogues. In particular, the new report includes Microsoft’s Movies catalogues in 14 countries, with a high share of US films.

EU films made up 23 per cent of the films available in the VoD catalogues, and other European films accounted for another two per cent.

The report found that EU films made up 19 per cent of the films on offer in the 37 SVoD catalogues examined (28 Netflix country catalogues, Viaplay, C More and four national SVOD services).

The full report can be downloaded from the Observatory’s website.