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BBC, Sky agree technology partnership

In "early stage exploration" of BBC using Sky's personalised content targeting technology

The BBC and Sky have agreed a new partnership which includes the launch of the iPlayer app and the red button on Sky Q.

The collaboration enables Sky customers to watch BBC programmes via the BBC iPlayer app, by pressing the red button when watching a BBC channel, or through Sky’s integrated catch-up service.

The two broadcasters said they are also exploring a range of other partnership opportunities, including the availability of BBC Sounds on Sky and NOW TV platforms, as well as committing to BBC content being available on Sky’s future TV platform.

They are also “in early stage exploration” of the possibility of the BBC using PromoSmart, powered by Sky’s targeting technology AdSmart, to serve up more personalised promotional content to BBC viewers. This would mean viewers in different households could be shown different trailers for BBC content that are more relevant to their interests during the breaks between programmes when watching live BBC channels.

Stephen van Rooyen, CEO UK and Ireland, Sky, said: “We are pleased to be working with the BBC on such a broad-ranging partnership – it is a great example of how UK broadcasters can work together for the benefit of viewers and the industry. We are continuing to explore, together with the BBC, how it could use Sky’s innovative technology to help it better connect with licence-fee payers for the long term.”