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BBC launches two new historic VR experiences

New projects celebrate the suffragettes and RAF

The BBC VR Hub has announced two new virtual reality projects that aim to take viewers back in time to experience the past as never before.

Make Noise combines VR and voice technology to let viewers use the power of their voice to smash through the barriers faced by the suffragettes during the fight to win the vote for women.

The other experience, 1943: Berlin Blitz, lets viewers follow in the footsteps of a BBC journalist who joins the RAF on a bombing run to Berlin during WWII.

Both experiences will be released later this year, but each is being made available for special previews over the coming weeks.

Audiences can try 1943: Berlin Blitz at a special preview at the RAF’s International Royal Air Tattoo in Fairford from the 13th-15th of July.

“Make Noise uses voice technology in an innovative way to put you in the shoes of the suffragettes, encouraging you to follow their example and use your voice to change your world,” said Zillah Watson, head of BBC VR Hub. “It’s empowering, profound and yet playful, and a great example of why we should follow Emmeline Pankhurst’s advice and ‘make more noise’.

“1943: Berlin Blitz on the other hand uses VR to breathe new life into the BBC Archive, using an extraordinary piece of journalism to transport you to Berlin at the height of the Second World War. It really gives a sense of just how brave the RAF and the BBC’s war correspondents were back then, and providing new context for the threats our colleagues face today when reporting from dangerous situations. We hope to launch them both to the public later in the year.”