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BBC creates data specialist apprenticeship

Expected to start recruitment at the end of the year

The BBC has created the Level 7 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Data Specialist Apprenticeship, designed to give people the skills to help the BBC and others stay ahead in a data-driven future.

Created in conjunction with UK universities and agency partners, the apprenticeship is aimed at employers, recent graduates, employees and people interested in technology.

According to the BBC, data is important for two reasons:

  • In order for the BBC to remain relevant in an era of streaming and subscription services, the BBC uses data to make its products and services even better – including helping people find content that suits their needs
  • As a public service, the BBC relies on data to provide a service to everyone, making sure that any gaps in commissioning or public interest are fulfilled through the help of research and data

Matthew Forshaw, lecturer in Data Science at Newcastle University and Data Skills Policy Leader at The Alan Turing Institute, said: “The introduction of this new standard will help to build the next generation of talent in AI, who are so integral to the future of our society and the UK’s industrial ambitions.

“The AI Data Specialist Apprenticeship curriculum directly addresses the skills gap and harnesses the expertise of world-class training providers to deliver advanced computing and statistics training. This will be done with a particular emphasis on the ethical approaches required to produce effective, innovative and self-driven data leaders of tomorrow.”

Now in its final stages of approval, the programme is expected to start recruitment at the end of the year.