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Axon launches SMART DVB

New SMART DVB offers an unparalleled view of MPEG2 & DVB Transport Streams to ensure integrity & drive competitive advantage

Axon Digital Design has announced the release of SMART DVB, a complete suite of tools to monitor, report and analyse live MPEG-2 and DVB transport streams. The official release from Axon claimed that the SMART DVB suite “enables owners and operators to ensure health, conformity and quality across the digital distribution chain and to drive performance at the highest level”.

“For today’s media operations, keeping the competitive edge relies on their ability to maximise efficiency and access the right information at the right time. To date, most monitoring platforms have failed to deliver those efficiencies or provide a truly holistic picture for all stakeholders” explained Axon CEO, Jan Eveleens.

“With SMART DVB, we have developed the industry’s most powerful and versatile solution to provide a complete view of the digital broadcast distribution chain. SMART DVB significantly simplifies and reduces the cost and time to monitor increasingly complex transport streams at the NOC, and provides deep-level analysis to enable 2nd line technicians and business stakeholders to make faster, smarter decisions – refining the data analysed to enrich value added services, customer experience, media monitoring and indexing functions.”