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Andy Serkis pays tribute to media technology industry

Actor/director speaks to TVBEurope about receiving IBC's top honour

Andy Serkis has paid tribute to the media technology industry for helping him find a new career path.

Serkis was awarded IBC’s International Honour for Excellence during a ceremony at IBC2019 on Sunday evening.

Speaking to TVBEurope, the actor/director admitted he was “blown away” when he first learned he would receive the award; “I really feel very honoured to be given this award because it’s been a strange, weird banana curve of a career.

“I’ve encountered so many extraordinary and talented people across the board, from animators to concept designers to CG artists to software designers. I never anticipated that my career would take me on this journey. And so sort of looking back, I feel I am standing to a certain degree on the shoulders of lots of other people.”

Serkis added that it was “incredible to be awarded from a technological perspective.

“It means that there is a much fuller and a reciprocal understanding of what the craft of acting is in conjunction with the technology. Obviously, they couldn’t exist without each other. So it’s wonderful to have the support, understanding and the recognition from the people who do so much of the incredible work to translate and transpose the core of the performance into what the audience enjoy.”