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Amazon’s US Open coverage suffers major latency issues

Coverage found to be delayed by up to 44 seconds when compared to linear broadcast in the US

In another blow for Amazon’s coverage of this year’s US Open tennis, it’s been revealed UK tennis fans are watching matches that are up to 44 seconds behind the live broadcast in the US.

Real-time streaming company Phenix utilised three testers, two in the UK and one in the US, to check the latency of the Amazon Prime live streaming of the US Open on 30th August 2018. 

All testers used TAI (International Atomic time) as a constant time signature to measure latency issues, with the baseline streaming latency was based on the live linear ESPN broadcast in the US. 

Testers measured the Amazon Prime live stream in the UK to be 12 seconds behind the linear ESPN broadcast in the US. When comparing the stream on two devices in the UK, the stream on the Amazon Prime Video Android App was 32 seconds ahead of the in-browser stream in the UK, which Phenix says means British consumers could be up to 44 seconds behind the live ESPN linear broadcast.

Jed Corenthal, chief marketing officer of Phenix commented: “British consumers are not asking for much, just that when they are watching a live sports event like the US Open the action is high quality, not constantly freezing or buffering, and that it is actually live, and not delayed by almost 45 seconds. 

“Many will be put off by the experience, especially if the feed on their TV is 30 seconds behind the feed on their phone.”

As TVBEurope revealed last month, many Amazon customers have been left frustrated at the problems with Amazon’s coverage – particularly the inability to stream on certain devices.