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ABOX42 offers TV client solution

German set top box manufacturer, ABOX42, has released its new OPX TV client, designed to help operators offer a next generation TV experience without having to develop their own user interface.

OPX TV client can easily be integrated into the existing middleware / backend / head-end infrastructure of an operator’s network, claims the company. The HTML5 design of the OPX TV client allows ABOX42 to quickly integrate functions and required changes for advanced and dedicated operator projects.

The OPT TV client user interface is based on five years experience with modern UI/UX design and user behaviour. It offers all the functions of a third generation IPTV system, but aims to be easy to use for the average end-user.

One of the core functions of the OPX TV client is its EPG (Electronic Programme Guide), which delivers data via the internet with support of multimedia data like photos and videos.

OPX TV client also supports HbbTV and custom Red Button Applications to give users functionalities specially tailored to an operator’s market. It also supports a variety of DVB features, including teletext and HbbTV via multicast and unicast/HLS stream, subtitles, and multiple audio streams in both multicast streams and unicast/HLS streams. Channel properties can be configured for each channel independently.

The client can run on all ABOX42 M-, H- and X-Series STB’s.