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37 million Brits tune into YouTube

New figures from comScore study

37.1 million Brits tuned into YouTube in July according to new figures from comScore.

The Video Metrix Multi-Platform study (VMX MP) claims 11.6 billion videos were watched on YouTube in total during the month.

The study of UK adults aged 18 and over reveals British viewers watched on average 311 videos each in July.

It also found that 79 per cent of YouTube videos were consumed on a mobile device and that 74 per cent of viewing time was on a mobile device. The average viewing time was 3.7 minutes per video.

Viewers aged between 18-35 accounted for 53 per cent of all minutes and 56 per cent of all videos viewed in the month.

The average number of YouTube videos watched per viewer decreased with age. In July people aged 18-24 watched 486.6 videos each on average, compared to 96 videos per viewer among those aged 55 and over.

β€œIt’s not surprising to hear that YouTube is oftentimes a daily destination for most millennials,” said the report.