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Vimeo announces support for AV1 Codec

Vimeo is encoding its Staff Picks selections in AV1

Vimeo has announced it now supports the AV1 codec, which it said will enable the site to better deliver videos at a reduced bitrate but the same high visual quality.

To begin with, Vimeo is only encoding its Staff Picks selection in AV1 and streaming them to supporting platforms such as Chrome and Firefox.

“AV1 is ripe with new and innovative video technologies, and is the first royalty-free video codec to see widespread adoption,” said Vittorio Giovara, lead engineer of encoding at Vimeo.

“In the continued quest to democratise high-quality video, this levels the playing field by letting everybody implement AV1 without unforeseen costs. Moreover, video creators will now benefit from the ability to stream exceptional videos all over the world with better playback and while using less bandwidth.”