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Unified Streaming launches Unified Remix AVOD

"Remixes" VoD content into a single MP4

Unified Streaming has launched Unified Remix AVOD, a new solution for OTT providers delivering ad-supported VoD services.

Unified Remix AVOD is a spinoff of Unified Remix, a software engine that uses a server-side playlist to mix clips from various origins into a single remixed MP4.

The solution allows simple addition of timed metadata, such as SCTE 35 markers. The remixed MP4 file also serves as input for Unified Origin and Unified Packager. The decorated manifests and media are suitable for use by third-party ad-insertion platforms.

Simon Westbroek, Unified Streaming global sales VP, said: “Our customers have huge libraries of VoD content and want to easily insert and/or replace their advertising. Until Unified Remix AVOD, there was a lack of tooling and workflow for a cost-effective and high-quality solution.”