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Trint launches real-time transcription service for live productions

Allows users to plug a livestream feed from any breaking news event into Trint’s online platform

Automated transcription service Trint has announced the launch of new real-time transcription and instant translation tools.

Trint uses AI to convert recorded audio and video to text and counts the likes of Reuters, Vice News and The Washington Post amongst its clients.

According to the company, the new Realtime Transcription tool allows users to plug a livestream feed from any breaking news event into Trint’s online platform. The interactive transcript appears three seconds later in the Trint Editor, which combines a text editor with an audio/video player, gluing the live source audio to the words on the screen.

As soon as the Realtime session starts, users in multiple locations can access, collaborate, edit and publish the most meaningful moments as quotes and soundbites while the event is still happening. Once the live event is over, the verified transcript is saved and searchable for future reference.

Trint said it plans to expand Realtime Transcription to its iOS mobile app before the end of 2019.

Trint Translation users can upload recorded audio and create a transcript in more than two dozen languages – from Chinese Mandarin and Hindi to Japanese and Spanish. Teams can then work collaboratively to get a fully translated and accurate transcript that can be shared, along with video containing translated captions.