Telestream's Vantage adopted by BT TV

Platform is being employed to analyse technical properties of VoD content, extract and create appropriate metadata
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BT TV has adopted Telestream’s Vantage Media Processing Platform to launch enhanced features on the BT TV app.

According to Telestream, the move "creates a robust, high-speed multiscreen media processing solution with automated quality assurance to better serve BT TV customers."

Telestream’s local channel partner, Boxer Systems, worked closely with BT TV to specify, install and configure the system.

Vantage is being used to analyse the technical properties of VoD content, extract and create appropriate metadata which is used to drive Vantage workflow decisions and to transcode VoD content into multiscreen formats for OTT delivery. 

In addition, BT is using Telestream's Switch player for solid file inspection as well as support for captions and subtitles playback.

“The Vantage Workflow Designer has proved popular with our team as an easy to understand, yet powerful and dynamic toolset. Vantage has given greater control of our VoD processing, reducing manual effort and helping the team to work more efficiently. It has reduced multiscreen media transcoding times by up to 30 percent, which was key in selecting Vantage,” commented Peter Harvey, head of content operations (VoD and Digital Media) at BT Technology. 

“Vantage contributes significantly to our business agility,” added Harvey. “The fast turnaround times of our multiscreen files allowed our new App and Web product to launch on time two weeks ago. We are also currently looking at the Speech-to-Text model to assist with subtitling requirements and a number of other elements that are currently under development.

“The fact that Vantage can be used as a workflow tool - replacing or substituting some MAM functionality - the turnaround speeds of multiscreen files, and the further options to utilise Telestream’s elastic transcoding option, if required, were all strong drivers in our selection decision,” concluded Harvey. “Already, we are formulating exciting plans for additional ways in which we can utilise Vantage in our core business operations.”