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Speechmatics updates speech-to-text accuracy

Testing has shown double-digit improvements in accuracy

Speechmatics has announced a ‘Next Generation’ update that aims to improve accuracy across many of its core languages for use in speech-to-text transcription. 

Based on refinements to existing technology, new machine learning algorithms and enhanced use of data resources, the development seeks to provide a reliable, scalable and cost-effective solution for customers. 

According to Speechmatics, internal testing showed an increase in accuracy of up to 16 per cent for Global English and many of its core languages. 

Speechmatics will now have one English language model supporting all major accents, removing the need to use multiple language packs for English dialects, thereby reducing overhead costs. 

The Next Generation update is applicable across all use cases, from subtitling news reports to transcribing meetings.

Speechmatics head of speech David Pye said: “We’ve analysed the market-leading quantity of data we have on this and, while we may be the first speech technology company to do away with English dialects completely, our expertise has proven that Global English is the right way to drive a shift change in the market and our Next Generation languages update supports this.

“By continuing to innovate and stay ahead of our competition with regards to accuracy, we will remain a leader in this field,” he added.