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Speechmatics launches new transcription punctuation solution

Feature has been trained on over 2.5 billion words

Speechmatics has announced the launch of Advanced Punctuation, a new feature that delivers highly accurate placements of full stops, commas, question marks and exclamation marks within transcriptions.

The feature has been trained on over 2.5 billion words using market-leading neural networks, transforming the readability of transcripts.

It has already been tested by Red Bee Media. The company’s head of technology development Hewson Maxwell said: “Advanced Punctuation drastically improves the quality and readability of raw scripts, making them less time-consuming to edit. 

“Punctuation beyond a full stop enriches the transcript and at Red Bee Media, we are very excited about this new capability from Speechmatics.”

Ian Firth, VP of products at Speechmatics, added: “While accurate transcription of words is important, a block of text with no punctuation is limited in its use, and ease of use… but the addition of punctuation transforms the usability of a transcript, allowing our customers to view the nuances of speech.”

 The Advanced Punctuation feature is available in the Cloud and on-premises, with all punctuation marks being included by default for Global English, Spanish, German and French.