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Sony adds HFR capabilities to VENICE camera

Allows VENICE to capture three times slow motion at 24p in 6K

Sony has announced the addition of further high frame rate (HFR) capabilities to its VENICE full-frame digital motion picture camera.

VENICE’s Version 5.0 update will enable cinematographers to shoot at speeds of up to 90fps at 6K 2.39:1 and 72fps at 6K 17:9/1.85:1.

This addition allows VENICE to capture three times slow motion at 24p even in 6K. Cinematographers can use the same camera across multiple speeds, maintaining the full-frame shallow depth of field, as well as the high picture quality of oversampling in 6K.

Sony Professional Solutions Europe cinematography product marketing manager Sebastian Leske said: “Through an ongoing dialogue with cinematographers, we have continued to evolve VENICE to meet the needs of top talent.”

“To date, more than 100 features and episodic productions have been shot on VENICE. The new Version 5.0 firmware will allow the camera to be even more flexible, ultimately increasing its benefit and versatility to all cinematographers.”