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Sky UK implements GrayMeta Iris Media Platform for UHD, HDR, IMF content workflows

Monitors technical metadata and audio loudness analysis across all UHD, HDR and IMF content workflows

Sky UK has implemented a new enterprise media playback and QC solution across its ultra-high definition (UHD) content workflows in order to drive quality control.

The team at Sky UK will use GrayMeta’s Iris Media platform to monitor the technical metadata and quickly produce an audio loudness analysis across all their UHD, HDR and IMF content workflows.

According to GrayMeta, Sky has been able to remove the need for a QC operator to manually comb through lines of technical data for comparison of in-house or external requirements. Iris can also improve collaboration across QC teams, removing inefficiencies and costs while reducing time to QC.

“GrayMeta has helped us handle the complexities of IMF with ease and validate important HDR metadata. The reference player is used to drive quality control through our supply chain and provides us the confidence that our viewers are getting the best experience when they watch our UHD content,” said Ashley Ross, technical operations manager at Sky.