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Red Bee Media ‘Automates’ video and graphics workflows for Canal+ International

Automate-IT selected to streamline content creation process and automate promo versioning

Red Bee Media has selected Automate-IT to streamline the content creation process and automate promo versioning for Canal+ International.

Red Bee Media chose to implement two products developed by Automate-IT: its data-driven video generation platform, Automate-IT factory, and its collaborative tool called share-IT that connects Adobe creative seats with Avid MediaCentral I Production Management.

The Automate-IT factory solution implemented by Red Bee Media automatically assembles and delivers around 2,500 promos each month. The relevant data (title, time of on air, time zone, etc) is pulled from standard Excel files put together by producers. The platform offers an off-the-shelf audit functionality to check sources, ensure all information is present, detect any inconsistency and notifies the right stakeholders as appropriate.

Leveraging share-IT, Canal+ International’s creative teams are now also able to send jobs directly to Avid MediaCentral | Production Management with Alpha Channel support. The system allows Adobe Photoshop CC & After Effects CC artists to easily connect with the production environment. 

Marc Socquet, artistic director, Canal+ International, explains Our channels are available in different territories, with various brands and multiple time zones. Automating the promo creation process is essential in our context. With the help of Red Bee Media hosting us, we opted for the Automate-IT factory platform to automatically generate promos combined with share-IT to easily bind the creative team to our production environment and ecosystem. My team can now quickly launch a new channel in any territory, manage different time zones in real-time and easily collaborate. The overall quality of content going on air is enhanced and my operating costs are in control and predictable.”