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nanocosmos, Videon partner for low-latency live workflow

Based on Videon's edge compute encoder technology and nanocosmos' nanoStream Cloud

nanocosmos and Videon have partnered for an ultra low-latency live streaming workflow, supporting interactive applications such as auctions, sports and other live events.

The solution is based on Videon’s edge compute encoder technology and nanocosmos’ nanoStream Cloud, enabling approximately one-second end-to-end latency and two-way active engagement.

nanoStream Cloud and H5Live Player can accept encoded video from Videon’s edge compute encoders, allowing users to quickly develop and deploy new applications in the interface between on-premise ingest equipment and the Cloud.

nanocosmos CEO Oliver Lietz said: “nanoStream Cloud and H5Live Player enable live video delivery around the world in about one second. The partnership with Videon ensures we can quickly deploy an end-to-end platform that can be applied to a wide range of interactive applications.”

Videon CEO Todd Erdley added: “Our edge compute encoder platform was designed to push the limits of low-latency streaming. And this partnership with nanocosmos takes low latency right to the edge of what is possible and really makes interactivity in streaming applications a reality.”