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MovieLabs prepares for future of production based only in the Cloud

New white paper looks at security around content creation once all production assets are stored in the Cloud

Non-profit technology research company MovieLabs has released a new white paper looking at the future of security around content creation once all production assets are stored in the Cloud.

The white paper, titled The Evolution of Production Security – Securing the 10-Year Vision for the Evolution of Media Creation, uses the cybersecurity industry’s dictum of “security by design”, and presents six primary security principles for Cloud production:

  1. Security is intrinsic to every component of every workflow and does not inhibit the creative process
  2. The security architecture addresses requirements specific to Cloud-based workflows
  3. Production workflows, processes and assets are kept secure even on untrusted infrastructure
  4. Content owners control security and workflow integrity
  5. Security can be scaled to appropriate levels and can integrate with existing security policy and management systems
  6. The security architecture limits the spread of any breach and adapts to the evolving threat and response landscape

Richard Berger, CEO MovieLabs, said: “When we published the Evolution of Media Production paper in the summer, we wanted to catalyse an industry dialogue and fuel innovation. While our first white paper touched on security, we realised the need to release a companion white paper that ‘double-clicks’ on it to further articulate the new approach required to secure Cloud-native workflows. Our goal is to help guide the industry to a shared security architecture that provides the underlying protection for future media assets and the future workflows that produce them.”