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ITN adopts Sony’s Ci Media Cloud Platform

Gives users anywhere in the world access to the platform

ITN Productions has announced the successful adoption of Sony’s Ci Media Cloud Platform, built on AWS.

ITN head of post production Olly Strous reported an increase in flexibility across all operations since adopting the platform, praising its “intuitive” design. “There was no real training needed, there were very few buttons that people could mess around with. It was just very simple,” he said.

Sony Ci gives users anywhere in the world access via a web browser to customised Workspaces on the platform, where all activity (file transfers, content review and so on) takes place. Assets for projects are shared and transported in a dedicated MediaBox, which act as smart containers within each Workspace.

“Being able to access the footage anywhere in the world and open it in a browser has really sped up how we work,” added Strous. “It means that somebody can sit at home and do a paper edit rather than spend time in an edit suite with an editor trawling through the rushes. Everything is at their fingertips, they can make decisions on the go, before they get into an expensive room.”

Ci also empowers client and legal reviews by automatically exporting comments and annotations in Ci VideoReview sessions as NLE-ready markers and a printable PDF, allowing an editor to make any requested changes with pinpoint accuracy.