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IBM Watson Media, IRIS.TV launch AI-driven content personalisation engine

Video Recommendations extracts rich metadata from video libraries and combines it with consumer viewing patterns

IBM Watson Media and IRIS.TV have joined forces to launch Video Recommendations, a new content personalisation engine powered by artificial intelligence.

The engine employs IBM Watson to run audio and visual analysis on a client’s video library to increase and improve metadata. 

IRIS.TV then utilises that metadata to predict viewing patterns and create a continuous learning system that can understand which videos have the highest probability of being viewed to completion. That then enables content owners to better match video programming and brand advertisements to specific viewers.

“Consumers are constantly inundated with news, challenging publishers to promote targeted content that will keep viewers engaged with their media properties,” said David Mowrey, head of product and business development for IBM Watson Media. “Our Video Recommendations offering is a vital asset for publishers, that can help them deliver personalised suggestions to viewers, driving engagement and maximising advertising revenue.”