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Grass Valley launches Technology Alliance programme

Frankly Media is the Alliance's first member

Grass Valley has announced the launch of a new Technology Alliance initiative.

The GVTA programme is for technology and solutions providers and aims t0 deliver improved purchasing confidence and selection for customers. The certification programme gives broadcasters and media organisations access to solutions that are interoperable with a range of Grass Valley workflow components and platforms. The initiative also provides GVTA members with co-marketing opportunities and greater market access. 

Lens-to-screen platform Frankly Media is the Alliance’s first member.

“Our customers tell us regularly that they need greater efficiency in how they design and deploy our solutions into their workflows. Precious time is too often wasted dealing with discrete products from multiple vendors that aren’t necessarily built with interoperability in mind,” said Tim Shoulders, president of Grass Valley. “The ability to offer a tested and configured solution with Frankly, especially in a growing area such as digital video delivery, introduces clear benefits to our customers.”

“Frankly’s Express digital video platform and Express Producer CMS fits seamlessly with Grass Valley’s playout systems and optimises content workflows in a way that streamlines content from lens to multi-screen delivery,” added Lou Schwartz, CEO of Frankly Media. “The ability to deploy a platform like ours that has guaranteed interoperability with Grass Valley’s workflow gives customers a single platform with unique advantages over others who are designing systems without this level of collaboration. Being part of the GVTA gives Frankly the advantageous position of increased exposure in this alliance and Grass Valley’s global customer base.”

Grass Valley said it will work closely with members of the GVTA before being awarded certification to ensure compatibility, interoperability and strategic fit.