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GeoGuard’s VPN/Proxy Detection fully integrated with Akamai

Company's VPN/DNS Proxy detection solution will offer enhanced anti-piracy tools for online streaming services

GeoGuard has signed an agreement with Akamai which will see its VPN/DNS Proxy detection solution integrated into Akamai’s cloud delivery platform.

The integration will allow online broadcasters to tap into GeoGuard’s solution to remain compliant with studio and sports rightsholders’ content protection obligations.

With one in four web users regularly using VPNs, with the predominant purpose of bypassing content geo-filtering restrictions, the service aims to provide a simple and effective method for Akamai clients to just “turn on” the GeoGuard solution to benefit from an enhanced level of content security from geolocation fraud and geo-piracy, caused by the widespread use of VPNs and DNS Proxy services to fake location.

“Geolocation fraud and geo-piracy via VPNs and DNS Proxies undermine the territorial business model that our streaming broadcasters and OTT clients rely on for revenue,” said Campbell Foster, VP product marketing at Akamai. “By integrating GeoGuard directly with the Akamai Intelligent Platform, we are giving our customers a simple way to implement a comprehensive geo-piracy solution without the usual associated complexity and technical overhead.

“In addition to streaming broadcasters and OTT providers, we see this as an important technology for other markets where geolocation fraud is a concern, such as the financial services industry.”

“With Akamai being the leading provider of secure internet distribution of TV and film content, it made perfect sense to integrate our proven VPN and DNS Proxy detection technology right at the CDN level,” added GeoGuard CEO David Briggs. “This integrated solution enables Akamai’s clients to quickly and easily benefit from the highest level of geolocation-based security for their content.”