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Edgeware’s StreamPilot controls multi-CDN streaming

Provides granular insights to ensure quality of experience

Edgeware has announced the launch of its new StreamPilot session control platform, designed to offer real-time, in-session, per-segment delivery control for streaming over multi-CDN environments.

The patent-pending technology provides granular insights between the client and CDN, ensuring quality of experience by actively monitoring sessions and switching between CDNs where required.

StreamPilot is client-agnostic and CDN-independent, supporting all media formats including DASH (for Android) and HLS (for Apple), regardless if live or on-demand.

The all-seeing dashboard features an open API to enable automation and integration, delivering performance indicators such as load, performance and cost, as well as end user experience.

“We are extremely excited to present a solution that ensures quality and control for multi-CDN environments,” said Karl Thedéen, CEO of Edgeware. “StreamPilot is the industry’s first session control platform to provide this functionality independent of client, CDN and any other component in the media delivery chain. Furthermore, our customers can instantaneously benefit from StreamPilot by connecting to the Edgeware Cloud Service”.

“StreamPilot opens up a wide range of possible applications that can utilise the insights gathered from the video sessions,” added Johan Bolin, chief product and technology officer at Edgeware. “StreamPilot’s unique location, sitting in the control plane between the client and the CDN, makes it possible to test new concepts, measure outcomes and rollback changes in real time. Furthermore, StreamPilot can be used to enforce rights and policies and block illegal distribution.”