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Edgeware offers new OTT solution aimed at major live events

Technology has been developed for operators that have invested in programming that attracts high numbers of viewers

Edgeware has announced a new suite of features aimed at content owners broadcasting major sporting events and reality TV shows.

The new features include Edgeware’s Dynamic Asset Spreading which enables operators to spread popular content across a wider range of servers than usual. Edgeware says spreading popular content over a wider area increases the streaming capacity for big events while reducing the risk of overloading servers.

Edgeware is also launching Predictive Session Load Balancing which it says dynamically reacts to a build-up in the queue of requests, monitoring them against pre-set limits. It controls the onboarding of huge numbers of viewers and directs new client requests to the next available server to avoid congestion before it can occur.

Other new features include Edge Asset Request Consolidation which avoids streaming servers sending out multiple identical requests for the same content if there is a cache-miss; as well as an Online Monitoring Service which includes a system health check before major events, proactive rapid response to any issues that may occur during the event and additional reporting. 

“The task of streaming live OTT programming of the world’s biggest events is onerous and often affects an operator’s most expensive content,” said Johan Bolin, VP of products at Edgeware. “That’s why we can’t treat it the same way as other traffic types and need to put in place purpose-built technologies to deliver the best experience.”