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DPP outlines IMF advertising benefits

Provides common set of working practices for delivery of adverts using IMF

The DPP has announced the development of a proof of concept to demonstrate how component-based workflows using IMF can be applied to advertising use cases.

The Business Benefits of IMF for Advertising report has been released to DPP members to provide a business-level overview of the aims of the work, and a common set of working practices for the delivery of adverts using IMF.

DPP member companies taking part in the work aim to deliver greater operational efficiency in advertising and to unlock new commercial opportunities.

The proof of concept establishes how an IMF package can be exchanged internationally throughout the advertising ecosystem. The results of testing will be announced later this year.

“IMF offers great potential for scaling up versioning workflows effectively and efficiently,” said DPP head of delivery and growth Rowan de Pomerai. “We’ve been working for some time on enabling its use for broadcast and online programme content, yet advertisers also face huge versioning challenges. So, it’s extremely exciting to see so many companies in the advertising supply chain supporting this initiative, and we believe that IMF will offer them real operational benefits.”