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Disney, Microsoft partner on distribution via the Cloud

Companies also partnering with Avid

The Walt Disney Company has announced a partnership with Microsoft to create and distribute content via the Cloud.

Using Microsoft Azure, Disney’s StudioLAB technology hub will deliver cloud-based solutions to help accelerate innovation at The Walt Disney Studios for production and post production processes, or from “scene to screen.”

The two companies are also partnering with Avid for the initiative, building on Microsoft’s strategic Cloud alliance with Avid.

They have already produced several essential media workflows running in the Cloud, including collaborative editing, content archiving, active backup and production continuity. Bringing these complex workflows into production using Avid solutions such as the Avid MediaCentral platform, MediaCentral | Cloud UX, Avid NEXIS | Cloud storage and Avid Media Composer — all running natively on Azure — will provide the foundation for helping transform content creation and content management to overcome today’s operational pressures, as well as pave the way for ongoing innovation.

Avid CEO Jeff Rosica described the collaboration as a “seminal moment for the industry.”

“By moving many of our production and post production workflows to the Cloud, we’re optimistic that we can create content more quickly and efficiently around the world,” said Jamie Voris, CTO, The Walt Disney Studios. “Through this innovation partnership with Microsoft, we’re able to streamline many of our processes so our talented filmmakers can focus on what they do best.”