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Derbyshire Constabulary deploys LiveU

Enabled spontaneous deployment "at the press of a button"

Derbyshire Constabulary has deployed LiveU cellular bonding technology to harness live video for information and evidence gathering, as well as surveillance.

Derbyshire Constabulary operates 16 drones and started to use live video feeds to capture footage from events last year. However, the complex use of laptops, dongles, 4G and Skype meant it could not be deployed spontaneously.

LiveU enabled spontaneous deployment “at the press of a button,” allowing the operators to be fully mobile while operating the kit. “The signal from the drone and LiveU unit is received in our control room by a LiveU server and then it’s fed into an IP distribution system,” said PC and drone operator Thomas Gee.

The Whaley Bridge dam incident in Derbyshire proved the ideal test case for the LiveU technology. “We could see, up close, what the damage was, where the water was coming through, with that feed seen by our Commanders, the Fire Service and the Environment Agency,” said Gee. “That footage informed all their decisions. We used it a great deal, especially the first day to monitor the damage. We were then onsite, 24/7, for any requests for coverage.”