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castLabs supplies DRM technology for France’s M6 Group

Solution is being used to handle a large number of license requests across the 6play VoD and live streaming platform

castLabs has announced the deployment of multi-DRM license delivery network technology at M6 Group, one of France’s largest private media groups, across its VoD and live streaming digital platform 6play.

Adopting HTML5 playback, M6 Group sought a proven solution to simplify the task of digital rights management (DRM) licensing across all screens.

The technology is used to handle a large number of license requests per-day as the 6play digital platform is the repository for a large variety of multi-genre content from M6, France’s most profitable private television station, and its associated 13 digital satellite and cable channels.

castLabs’ DRMtoday single API integration enabled M6 Group to support the multitude of DRM technologies necessary to reach all screens without hassle. DRMtoday also supported integration alongside ad-insertion technologies crucial for 6play’s AVoD business model, and technology partner integrations for live encoding and transcoding.

“With billions of licenses delivered worldwide and reliable AWS back-end infrastructure, M6 Group entrusted their confidence in castLabs’ proven multi-DRM solution DRMtoday”, said castLabs CEO Michael Stattmann.

“castLabs engineers smoothed the important step to move from legacy DRMs and players to latest OTT technology. The integration of DRMtoday has been effortless, and we can now with certainty provide our viewers with a reliable, high performance playback experience while meeting strict studio requirements for DRM protected content”, added Valéry Gerfaud, EVP Digital Innovation Technology at M6 Group.