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ATEME, Broadpeak partner on DVB-I supporting video solution

Able to deliver live streams with one second end-to-end latency

ATEME and Broadpeak have launched a new live video streaming solution that supports the emerging DVB-I standard ecosystem.

The joint solution leverages a number of technologies, such as machine learning-based encoding, multicast ABR, low-latency CMAF and HTTP chunked transfer encoding (CTE), that enable pay-TV operators going multiscreen to deliver live streams with one second of end-to-end latency.

It combines ATEME’s Content Adaptive Encoding tools within its TITAN solution with Broadpeak’s BkS350 Origin Server and Packager, BkE200 transcaster server, and nanoCDN multicast ABR solution.

“Latency is a major issue for our customers,” said Michel Artières, ATEME’s CEO. “We have implemented patented machine learning-based compression, minimising any video pipeline buffer. Through our partnership with Broadpeak we can drastically improve the quality of live video streaming.”