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Argosy supplies cabling for 4K at newly promoted Premier League clubs

New cabling in line with latest broadcast standards

Argosy has supplied over 30 kilometres of fire retardant triax cabling, SMPTE hybrid cabling and 8-way COAX cabling for use in the three newly promoted Premier League clubs, in line with the latest broadcast requirements.

TTL Video managed the projects from end-to-end at Norwich, Aston Villa and Sheffield United.

“We were blown away, not only by the technical competency of the Argosy team who went the extra mile for us, but by their ability to anticipate our timescales and hold cable stock, consequently helping our warehouse management,” said Stefan Bewsey, chief engineer at TTL Video.

“Depending on the match, there can be up to 15 different broadcasters vying for infrastructure at the same time, so it must not only provide the highest of performance, but also the strongest protection against the extremely harsh environment it faces all season. Our long-term partner Argosy was the perfect choice for these projects.”

Argosy also delivered 14 kilometres of SMPTE copper and fibre hybrid camera cable, to support HD and 4K signals; 8 kilometres of triax copper camera cable, and 9 kilometres of Belden 8-way star quad digital audio multicore cable, that run in a star formation to reduce the likelihood of noise affecting signals, installed in the gantries and TV studios around the pitch.