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5G and esports named among top disruptors

Citi Research revealed its list of the 10 most disruptive technologies in the world today

Citi Research has revealed its list of the 10 most disruptive technologies today, and it includes two key areas of interest for the media and entertainment technology industry.

The company has released its report Disruptive Innovations VI which includes 10 innovations that the company says “we’re now at a tipping point of accelerated adoption.”

The 10 innovations are:

  1. All-Solid-State Batteries
  2. Anti-Aging Medicines
  3. Autonomous Vehicle Networks
  4. Big Data and Healthcare
  5. Dynamic Spectrum Access
  6. esports
  7. 5G Technology
  8. Floating Offshore Wind Farms
  9. Real Estate Market Disruptors
  10. Smart Voice-Activated Assistants

“The so-called Internet of Things (IoT) and machine to machine (M2M) connectivity has allowed wireless carriers to dream beyond smartphones and imagine a larger addressable market,” wrote analyst Michael Rollins about 5G.

“A 2015 McKinsey study estimated the global IoT market will be worth $4 trillion to $11 trillion annually by 2025, with spending on IoT technology to be $300 billion to $800 billion,” he added. “Creating small private networks, either in a single building or distributed across multiple locations, has long been the purview of wired access solutions augmented with limited wireless or Wi-Fi networks. With 5G, that could be reversed given the lower cost of installing, maintaining, and updating a wireless network.”

Writing about esports, Citi analyst Asiya Merchant said: “As the esports industry evolves we expect to see significant development in the underlying infrastructure (player salaries, contracts, governance, college sponsorships, media deals) that can help improve the economics for the entire ecosystem.”