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canon europe


Raw Light shines on EOS C200

The new entry-level Cinema EOS C200 is on show at IBC, with a price tag of €9,230. James Burwood, professional products manager, Canon UK,...


BLAM ‘defies MAM expectations’

Blue Lucy is demonstrating how its BLAM (Blue Lucy Asset Manager) Core product meets a range of business and operational requirements for media production...


A new direction for EOS audio

A new compact directional stereo microphone, the DM-E1, has been introduced by Canon; its first external EOS system microphone. The versatile DM-E1 uses the...


C300 up to the Mark

With the EOS C300 as a broadcast mainstay for a few years, Canon has revamped the camera, which will now shoot 4K and Ultra...


UHD lenses given a sporting chance

Two new high-performance 2/3-inch lenses that are claimed to surpass even 4K resolution have been launched by Canon. The UHD Digisuper 90 (UJ90x9B) and...


Entering the UHD Universe

Grass Valley has a host of new products on show, from Ultra HD camera and replay systems, switchers and NLEs, to cost-effective IP and...


4K glass-to-glass workflow

An end-to-end professional Ultra HD workflow, with 4K lenses, sensors and reference displays, will be on show from Canon for the first time at...