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Free webinar: how live video streaming is introducing new opportunities for broadcasters

Limelight Networks will look at new use cases and business models for broadcasters

TVBEurope and Limelight Networks are joining forces to host a free webinar on 28th March.

The live webinar, titled Live video streaming introduces new use cases and business models for broadcasters, will take place at 2pm GMT.

With the expert knowledge of Limelight Networks’ senior product marketing manager Charlie Kraus and solutions engineer Thibaud Regeard du Cormier, the webinar will discuss the rapid changes in the types of online video content viewers are consuming. 

Speakers also include Jeff Heynan, consulting director, SNL Kagan and James McKeown, content director, NewBay.

Besides drawing incremental additional viewers, due to new technologies to deliver live streaming at real-time latency and provide user interactivity, new use cases and business models that are not possible with traditional broadcast TV services due to their geographic coverage restrictions and unidirectional delivery, are now possible. The webinar will discuss these new use case opportunities and their potential for generating significant revenue:

– The largest sports events broadcasting including the FIFA World Cup, Olympics, and NFL Super Bowl, are also live streamed to audiences who don’t have access to the broadcast, or who prefer to watch on their mobile device. Key to delivering a great experience is reducing the typical 40 second latency of the live stream compared to the broadcast. The webinar will discuss how to reduce latency to just a few seconds, and even to less than one second.

– Online gambling is drawing large numbers of players today. The webinar will look at about new technologies that deliver an improved user experience for players by providing interactivity for betting. Speeding game play by lowering the online video stream latency provides players with the best experience, and drives increased revenue for casinos and video delivery.

– Live auctions, and many types of games are now possible online that leverage the interactive capabilities and low latency of the newest live streaming technologies.

– Language-based programming is becoming very important. We see many services available for Indian language, German, French, etc. language programmes to reach ex-patriot audiences living outside their country. Delivering language programming anywhere in the world is not possible with traditional TV broadcasters. Using the internet to deliver the video means there are no geographic boundaries. This use case is growing rapidly, and is expected to become a major market opportunity.

Don’t miss out on this webinar with a leading experts sharing their knowledge of online video. Register for free here.