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Whitepaper: Realising a creative vision in 2021

Everyone knows that the TV and film industry has gone through fundamental changes over the past 12 months. From pre-production to post, new technology is changing the way we do things.

Sohonet spoke to ten industry leaders about remote collaboration, carrying a vision from prep to post, and the craft involved in bringing that vision to the screen. 

“You are basically this interface between someone else’s tastes and this huge machine of ones and noughts – you have to be able to remove all the technology and try to make it a space for ideas,” says Jet Omoshebi, a senior colourist at Goldcrest Post.

According to Robert Keske, senior VP of technology at Company 3, attaching workstations to dedicated high-speed dark-fibre connections between facilities that cost tens of thousands of dollars every month “is the old way of doing things.”

The way forward, says Keske, is to centralise the compute, keep the content in one place and access it over a dedicated secure internet connection. Remote working for artists, he adds, now comprises of a small computer that gives creatives remote access to visualisation tools, plus a device like Sohonet’s Emmy-winning real-time review tool, ClearView Flex, to see and share a high-quality version of the reference stream with whoever needs to review it.

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