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Vinten Radamec supplies Sky Italia’s VR studio

Vinten Radamec has supplied a range of its innovative equipment to Sky Italia for a brand new dedicated virtual reality facility

Vinten Radamec has supplied a range of equipment to Sky Italia for a brand new dedicated virtual reality facility. The studio, one of the six Sky Italia facilities based in Milan, has been installed with three of Vinten Radamec’s Quattro SE encoded pedestals alongside three Vector 750i pan and tilt heads.

Sergio Brighel, TAV, said: “Sky Italia planned a major transformation for the studio which was to be dedicated to providing coverage of both the Moto GP and Formula One championships. It was a race against time to get the refurbishment completed and the new equipment installed before the start of the motor sports season.”

The design of the large studio was based on one of Sky Italia’s smaller virtual reality enabled studios that had previously been equipped with two of Vinten Radamec’s robotic FHR-35 heads.

Sergio Brighel, TAV continued: “At 10sqm, the small studio also had dedicated VR capabilities. However, due to the space limitations it was more static. Sky Italia took the decision to design a bigger, entirely VR studio that had space for the pedestals to move around on the floor, which would increase the creative element of its AR applications.

In addition, this solution was effective in terms of having one device capable to serve different needs and different operational environments.

This is the sixth Sky Italia studio that has been equipped with Vinten Radamec’s innovative broadcast solutions by TAV.

In less than two weeks time, Achievement in Systems Integration will be celebrated at the first ever TVBAwards, on 23 October. DR TS Infrastruktur Mediarkiv, Cambridge Imaging Systems, Avid and Nativ are all up for the award, which is one of 13 to be presented on the night.

Tickets are still available, and the event offers an opportunity to enjoy a night out with friends and colleagues, celebrate excellence in the broadcast industry and network with creative companies and talent.